8 Best Electric Fishing Reels Reviews in 2022

8 Best Electric Fishing Reels Reviews in 2022

If you are the type of person who likes to fish for leagues or for fun, then you need a good fishing reel. You have probably read about some of the best electric fishing reels on the market today and you’ve already made up your mind as to which one to buy.

An electric fishing reel is a great tool for any fisherman. It can be used in freshwater and saltwater, as well as for recreational fishing or tournament fishing.

They are also very useful for people who don’t enjoy the manual work needed with traditional fishing reels.

If you are looking to buy an electric reel, then this list of the 8 best electric reels will help you find what you need.

1. Daiwa 19 Seaborg 500MJ Electric Reel

Daiwa 19 Seaborg 500MJ Electric Reel is one of the best reels on the market. It is quiet, smooth, and durable.

Another great feature of this product is its star drag system, which works to prevent backlashes from occurring when reeling in larger fish.

Daiwa 19 Seaborg 500MJ (Electric Reel)

Daiwa 19 Seaborg 500MJ (Electric Reel) features below:

  • Everything you need is right out of the box: the Seaborg 500MJ reel comes pre-rigged with the right rods and leaders, a rod holder, tackle bag, and chair to match.
  • The Seaborg 500MJ has the power, smoothness, and durability you need day-in and day-out. It’s the perfect offshore fishing setup for both recreational and tournament anglers.
  • The power and toughness of Daiwa is behind this reel, so you can focus on fishing.
  • Power: 500MJ/110lb.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.3:1.
  • Line Capacity: 133yd/100m.
  • Weight: 3.4kg / 7.5 lb.
  • Maximum Drag: 31kg / 6.4lb.
  • Reel Size: 5.5 x 19.5 x 10.5cm / 2.1 x 7.6 x 4.1in.
  • Spool Capacity: 110m / 300 yds.
  • 500mj rod for fresh and seawater.
  • Newer and more comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Newer and smarter button design.

2. DAIWA TANACOM 1000 Electric Fishing reels

The TANACOM 1000 is a highly-advanced, high torque electric reel. It features the largest and most powerful electromagnetic brake mechanism on the market today.

This allows anglers to bring in even the heaviest fish with ease, by slowing down their reeling speeds automatically when they need to.

Now there are many new reels in the market they are very convenient and easy to operate.

Now you can fish whenever you want even at night because these electric fishing reels have LED lights that will emit light when you turn on your baitcasting reel.

DAIWA TANACOM 1000 Electrically operated

DAIWA TANACOM 1000 Electric Fishing reels features below:

  • With its reliable power supply, Daiwa TANACOM 1000 electric reels allows anglers to focus on catching the fish and not the reels.
  • With the aid of the preset slow retrieve, the angler can achieve more accurate fishing by keeping the line flowing at the desired pace.
  • With the aid of the preset stop, the angler can stop the line quickly and hold the position in order to help you get a better view of potential targets.
  • With the aid of the preset pause, the angler can keep the line paused and slowly move the rod tip to search for new targets.
  • High power, exceptional thrust and casting.
  • 30 yen per minute Maximum thrust.
  • Very strong power for all kinds of fish such as DINOSAURS.

3. Banax Kaigen 7000CP Electric Reel Big Game Jigging Fishing Reels

As a professional angler or sportsman, you know that fishing is not just about luck and chance. It requires skill, patience, and the right equipment to be able to perform your best every time.

If you are looking for the ultimate performance during big game jigging, then you need to get your hands on Banax Kaigen 7000CP Electric Reel Big Game Jigging Fishing Reels. These reels have been specifically designed with the needs of anglers in mind.

Banax KAIGEN 150 Electric Reel Power Compact Boat Fishing Reels.

Banax Kaigen 7000CP Electric Reel Big Game Jigging Fishing Reels features below:

  • Banax 7000CP is a powerful fishing gear for heavy fishes.
  • Precise & Easy: The high quality drag system make your fishing more stable and easier.
  • 3 Ball Bearings: The bearing materials are made of high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel,which ensures its long lifespan.
  • Positive Speed Control: You can adjust the speed between 0.3 and 8.0m/s to suit your fishing condition.
  • Power: 1 AA Battery (not included).
  • Hook Length: 4-6cm/1.5-2.3inch.
  • Rod Length: 1.5M/65inch.
  • Line Per Spool: 130yards/120m.
  • Trolling Speed: 8.0-40.0km/h (5.0-25.5Mph) Max trolling depth: 48m.
  • Incoming Current: 0.4-0.8A/15-30W (Depends on the water condition) Shipment weight: 1.75KG/3.86LBS.
  • Kick rotation and cast reels.
  • Braided line run at 120m/230 yards.
  • EZ Dial on handle.
  • Brake system.
  • Spool capacity: 0.65mm/180m 0.70mm/240m 0.80mm/300m 0.95mm/360m 1.10mm/420m.
  • Handle length: 5.1 inches.

Banax Kaigen 7000CP Electric Reel Big Game Jigging Fishing Reels are designed to fit all kinds of fishing occasions. They are ideal for big game fishing, tarpon jigging, and other commercial fishing use.

4. Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J Electric Reel

The Daiwa S500J is a popular choice for anglers. Daiwa S500J is a best-selling fishing reel in the market. It has an all-new design with a very powerful motor and an attractive look to boot.

The smoothness of the reel and the power of the motor makes for an excellent fishing experience, especially when it comes to reeling in big fish. This means you can use this reel regardless of what type of fish you are hoping to catch.

Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J Electric Reel

Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J Electric Reel features below:

  • Powerful and lightweight – this reel is lightweight and has an ergonomically designed handle that is easy to grip even with wet hands, making it a great fishing reel for salt and freshwater fishing.
  • Whether you are looking for a small electric reel to start fishing or are making the switch from baitcasting to a spinning reel, Daiwa’s S500J electric spinning reel is an excellent choice.
  • Gear ratio: 3.7.
  • Self weight (g): 795.
  • Maximum drag force (Kg): 15.
  • Standard winding amount Bright PE (number) – m: 4-500 5-400 6-300.
  • Standard winding amount nylon.
  • Maximum hoisting force (kg): 65.
  • JAFS Reference hoisting force (kg): 14.
  • JAFS Reference hoisting speed (m / Minute): 180.
  • This reel is one of Daiwa’s most popular models and is the perfect spinning reel for any angler looking to chase all types of freshwater game fish.

Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J Electric spinning reel is constructed with high-quality materials and has a lightweight graphite frame and side plate for a powerful and durable design.

A Shimano fishing reel is a type of tool that helps you in catching fish from the water. It is designed with different features and styles to help you catch your desired fish easily.

5. Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel

A Shimano fishing reel is a type of tool that helps you in catching fish from the water. It is designed with different features and styles to help you catch your desired fish easily.

Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel

Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel features below:

  • The Shimano PLAYS 3000 is a 3-speed fishing reel made for entry level anglers looking to get the most bang for their buck.
  • It is built with a rugged graphite frame and rotor, a Shimano LX-3 drag system, and a multi-bearing spool.
  • The reel is lightweight and offers plenty of line capacity when using either braid or mono.
  • To ship by normal international mail (it will take 14 business days),please click here.
  • Line Capacity: 0.5mm~0.6mm.
  • Spool diameter: 60mm.
  • Spool width: 75mm.
  • Reel size: 3.2″x7.1″x6.8″.
  • Handle height: 7.6″.
  • Power supply: 4 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Large Capacity: 3000 Yards / 2780 Meters.
  • High Line SpeedCapacity: 9.1 Yards Per Turn.
  • LightweightCarrying Bag, Spool Divider, Line Clip.

You can use this if you want to go fishing alone or with friends and family members. The best thing about this fishing reel is that it can be used by both beginners and experienced fishers.

6. Silstar Primmus 7000WQ Electric Fishing Reel

The Silstar Primmus 7000WQ Fishing Reel has a high-performance level, which is why it is one of the best Electric fishing reels in the market today. It is suitable for most types of deep-sea fishing, as well as freshwater angling.

Silstar Primmus 7000WQ Electric Fishing Reel Big Game Jigging 172lb

Silstar Primmus 7000WQ Electric Fishing Reel Big Game features below:

  • The fishing rod is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It is lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant.
  • The spinning reel features a safety belt to ensure the line doesn’t break when you are reeling in heavy weights.
  • Electric Fishing Reel: It is good for fishing from the bank, boat or kayak. You can fish for big catfish and other species of fish.
  • Automatic self-locking Anti-reverse.
  • The world’s highest ultimate game fishing jigging reel.
  • Unique Ergonomic Handle, High Quality Long Life DC Motor (Rated Power: 7000WQ).
  • 60mm TCS Spool,Quick Set Drags.
  • Multi-Disc Brake System, Two-Position Drag Adjustment.
  • Fishing Reel With High Torque Gear Motors.
  • The Largest Model on the World Market with its 172lb/78Kg Gear Capacity.
  • 180m/Min, Max Motor Speed,Fish Finder Display.
  • Overload Protection, Multiple Line Capacities.
  • The Silstar Primmus 7000WQ Electric Fishing Reel Big Game Jigging 172lb is very popular in this year.
  • Waterproof designed, this electric fishing reel is the ideal solution for people catching large fish or enjoying angling.
  • Comfortable to use, resistant to friction, and highly durable.
  • Impressive torque and speed during reeling and playing.
  • Durable and Sturdy Frame, Spool and Handle for Big Game Fishing.
  • Bionic Brake System with Adjustable Power Control.
  • Equipped with the strongest and most advanced engine.
  • The reel is equipped with a large belt brake system that allows the angler to cast heavy jigs, baits, and lures with ease. The belt brake employs a large spool.

The Silstar Primus series is the pinnacle of Silstar’s development efforts, which have been focused on what makes a great fishing reel: durability, performance, and lightweight.

The Primus features a unique combination of materials which has resulted in an extremely sturdy.

7. Banax KAIGEN 150 Electric Reel Power Compact Boat Fishing Reel

Fishing Reels are an extremely important part of your fishing gear. If you want to be a great fisherman, then you need the best equipment possible.

One way to achieve this is through purchasing professional-grade fishing reels. These types of reels are high quality and usually very affordable when compared to other options on the market.

They are also very durable, which ensures that they will last for years and years to come.

Banax Kaigen 7000CP Electric Reel Big Game Jigging Fishing Reels EZ Dial

Banax KAIGEN 150 Electric Reel Power Compact Boat Fishing Reels features below:

  • Power :40W, Max Drag: 15 Kg, Max Line: 140 Yds, Line Retrieve: 410 Yd/Min, Counter 5-20 Pulses/Turn, Optimum Temperature Range: -10 To 43 C, Max Temperature F: 140 F, Min Temperature F: -10 F, Fishing Line: PowerPro, Mono, Fluorocarbon, Braid, Super Braid.
  • Length: 8 Inch, Model: KA-150, Reel Size: 150Mm, Reel Color: Black, Spool Size: 25Mm.
  • Multi-Functional Fishing Reel: You can use it on a boat or from land.
  • 3-Hook Capacity: The Banax KAIGEN 150 is a compact reel that allows for 3 hook capacity, allowing for a little bit more versatility.
  • Fast and Smooth: You can have this fishing reel crank at up to 19 p.s.i. It’s smooth going and will help to reel in your catch.
  • Comfortable and Durable Handle: The handle is comfortable and is made out of rubber, which ensures a strong and firm grip.
  • Multiple Uses: This fishing reel can be used with a variety of different fishing rods.
  • Reels on and off quickly.
  • Line is easily spooled in, and can be added and removed with one hand.
  • Fish at depths of up to 100 ft with this powerful motor.
  • Easily attach your fishing rod via the stainless steel mounting arm.
  • Includes a battery, charger and a carry bag.

The Banax KAIZEN 150 Electric Reel Power Compact Boat Fishing Reels is the ultimate tool for deep-sea fishing.

8. Shimano 2016 Beast Master 3000XP Power Model Electric Reel

This article is written to help you learn more about the Shimano Beast Master 3000XP Electric Fishing Reel. It is a powerful, high-capacity reel that goes up against heavy-duty fish, even if they are large and strong.

The Shimano has a powerful magnetic brake system that provides smooth performance and casts further than ever before with minimal backlash.

It also comes with a ton of features that will surely make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Shimano 2016 Beast Master 3000XP (Power Model) Electric Reel

Shimano 2016 Beast Master 3000XP Electric Reel features below:

  • 3 Ball Bearings for Smooth Reeling and Casting.
  • Lightweight, Durable and Rustproof Cast Aluminum Body.
  • Extra Durable Ball Bearings.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Drag – Perfect for Any Level of Angler.
  • Beast Master 3000XP is one of the most powerful reels to ever hit the market.
  • Beast Master 3000XP has a 10-pound line capacity and an unparalleled performance.
  • Composite body and rotor.
  • 7000 series aluminum, slim design for easy line installation.
  • Reinforced composite design provides a very dependable and trouble-free reel.
  • Delivers a strong, smooth and consistent drag.
  • Up to 330 yds. of 20 lb. test monofilament line.
  • 9.7 ounces.

The Shimano Beast Master 3000XP is an electric spinning reel that can be used for different fishing techniques such as surf casting, deep-sea fishing, river or lake fishing, and even kayak fishing.

There are so many benefits to using an electric fishing reel, but it’s important that you choose the right one for your needs.

We hope that this article has helped you feel more confident about choosing the best electric fishing reel for your situation.

As you can see, there are a lot of various electric fishing reels to choose from. Consider your needs carefully when searching for an electric fishing reel

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