5 Best Van Staal Fishing Reels Review in 2022

5 Best Van Staal Fishing Reels Review in 2022

Whether you are an angler who fishes the oceans, rivers, lakes, or ponds, you will have to decide on which type of reel you need for your fishing trip.

While different anglers will have different preferences about the kind of reel they want, it is important that you know that there are a number of different kinds of reels available.

The first thing you should do is determine which type of reel you will use for your fishing trip. Van Staal Fishing Reels infuses lifestyle and culture into its fishing experience.

Choosing a reel that complements your fishing style can be a real challenge. Here is a list of 5 Van Staal fishing reels that do just that.

1. Van Staal VR175 Bailed Spinning Reel

Looking for an affordable and high-quality 4×4 spin reel? This is the one! The Van Staal VR175 Bailed Spinning Reel is a great choice for corded spinners and also for those who use low-powered wire spinning machines.

This reel allows you to use any spinning machine and has a powerful motor that can move it over 50 feet per minute. This reel is very durable and is built to last a long time.

Van Staal VR175 Bailed Spinning Reel

Van Staal VR175 Bailed Spinning Reel features below:

  • Solid Steel Gear Design – With an all-steel super gear, and a large capacity spool, this spinning reel is a surefire hit at the lake! It can handle big fish with ease and you can be prepared for anything with the 10 bearing system and smooth retrieval.
  • Natural Rubber Handle – Paired with the large handle, this will provide the utmost grip and comfort for reeling in fish after fish.
  • 7.0:1 Gear Ratio, 5 bearing system with 1 roller bearing.
  • 2 double alloy shielded ball bearings, 1 single + 1 shielded roller bearing.
  • Infinite anti-reverse, Oversized aluminum spool.
  • EVA handle.
  • Hypalon handle and side plate.
  • Aluminum spool lip, Power paddle, EVA and rubber handle grip.
  • Stainless steel bail wire, Aluminum bail arm.
  • 8lb-30lb test line capacity, Maximum drag: 12lbs.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Right Size for Any Fish – The size is perfect for catching bass, walleye, catfish, and more! This is a sturdy reel that is easy to use and won’t let you down when you’re reeling in a big one.

Solid Construction – Van Staal fishing reels are 100% manufactured in the USA with the highest quality standards and components.

2. Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel

Ake a reel, it’s the team at Van Staal. The VR200 is their largest bailer, and it comes with all the features you’d expect from the brand: a lightweight aluminum frame, corrosion-resistant hardware, high tolerance bearings, and strong graphite side plates. With this reel’s fast retrieve speed and smooth operating drag system.

The Van Staal VR200 Bailess Spinning Reel is a great addition to any angler’s arsenal. Featuring the best in cutting-edge technology, the VR200 boasts an all-new bail design that allows you to keep the solid magnesium frame when bailing.

This reel is equipped with V-Drive gearing and a one-way clutch bearing system that prevents back play, making it perfect for fishing applications like jigging and heavy cover fishing.

Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel

Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel features below:

  • The Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel is highly durable, which is great for no-nonsense anglers.
  • It has 12 stainless steel ball bearings, which help the Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel spin with ease.
  • Aluminum Frame and Sideplates, Single Drag System.
  • Cast-Away Anti-Reverse Mechanism, Roller Bearing Clutch.
  • Aluminum Spool, FREE Lure Included.
  • Rugged, one-piece aluminum frame.
  • Direct drive, super smooth drag system.
  • One-way clutch bearing instant anti-reverse.
  • Hard anodized aluminum spool.
  • Line capacity rings, Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Sealed, Waterproof Performance
  • Weight 17.0 oz, In-Retrieve 40.4″ / Turn, Mono Capacity 400 yds. / 15 lb, Braid Capacity 500 yds. / 40 lb.
  • The main body of the Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel is made of aluminum. It is also corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.
  • The Van Staal VR200 Bailed Spinning Reel weighs 17 ounces. The handle is made of stainless steel, which allows you to easily lift it.

3. Van STAAL-VR51 (Left Handed) BAILED Spinning Reel

Built for the value-conscious angler, this reel is constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel main shaft, and drilled aluminum spool with a one-piece ABS side plate.

The instant anti-reverse bearing eliminates back to play to ensure quick line pick up and smooth retrieves. Larger diameter handle knobs make this reel comfortable for either left or right-handed use.

New from Van STAAL-VR51 (Left Handed) BAILED Spinning Reel Silver

Van STAAL-VR51 (Left Handed) BAILED Spinning Reel Silver features below:

  • Precision Machined and 316 Stainless Steel Bearing Supported Spool with Factory Balanced 19 Ball Bearings◦ All Spools are Tested on a Fisher Scientific Balance (Up to 10% of Retrieve Pressure).
  • MOOTH Body Machining and Powerful Double-Disc Drag System◦ Large Arbor Design for Single and Multi-Hand Casting, Reeling and Multiple Reel Drag System▪ Quick Release Spool Clutch.
  • Line Capacity Rings and Recessed Line Guides▪ Easy Change Anti-Reverse Bearing Mechanism and Adjustable Drag.
  • Total Length: 5-1/4″
  • Weight: 7.5 oz, Handle Length: 1-1/8″
  • Gear Ratio: 5.0:1
  • Holds 525 yards of 12 lb. Test Line
  • All-Metal Construction – High-grade aluminum-alloy body and handle with stainless steel bail and spool.
  • Instant anti-reverse – Push the lever forward to free line and instantly let go to lock inline.
  • Left or right hand retrieve – Reverse switch is located on the top of the rod handle so that it can be changed quickly.

4. Van Staal VR75B Bailed Series Spinning Reel Black

Van Staal VR75B is a Bailess series Spinning Reel, it is an excellent fishing tool. Featuring high-quality construction and materials, built to last for years of saltwater action.

Equipped with a graphite side plate and spool, this reel is balanced for smooth retrieves.

Van Staal VR75B Bailed Series Spinning Reel Black

Van Staal VR75B Bailed Series Spinning Reel Black features below:

  • High strength and corrosion resistance Staalonium frame, side plates and bail.
  • Dual-shielded stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Heat treated stainless steel gearing.
  • Precision machined stainless steel handle.
  • Reel Type: Casting; Bail: Bail Pin Style; Gear Ratio: 5.0:1.
  • Line Capacity – Mono: 12/145; Line Capacity – Braid: 4/145.
  • Line Weight – Line Capacity: 6 – 20 lbs.
  • Spinning reel for both fresh and saltwater applications.
  • Requires three ball bearings for smooth retrieves and optimal performance.
  • Linked disc drag system offers smooth drag and consistent pressure.
  • Compact design means more fish on the boat and less weight in the boat.
  • Choose the Van Staal VR75 Bailed Series Spinning Reel – Light, Durable and Great Value.
  • The bail is made of stainless steel and the side plate is constructed of aluminum.
  • The rotor, spool, and oscillation plate are made from stainless steel and all of the components are rust resistant.
  • Designed to be rugged, the Van Staal Bailed Series is an excellent choice for inshore and inshore fishing.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Super smooth 3-bearing system with stainless steel main gear, pinion gear and oscillating gear. 10-BB + 1 roller bearing + 1 needle roller bearing.

5. Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels

Vanguard Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels are a huge step forward in lightweight, high-performance baitcasting reels.

Featuring the new S3D (Super Safe, Super Durable) Gear System, the Van Staal VR Series delivers precision and performance like never before. This provides anglers with a lightweight and durable reel for any fishing situation.

Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels

Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels features below:

  • Van Staal’s proprietary guide designs and the EVA Air Drag™ system make these reels the lightest, smoothest casting reels on the market.
  • Two bearings per spool: One roller bearing and one super smooth ABEC 5 stainless steel ball bearing.
  • Machined Aluminum Body + Ceramic Drag washers.
  • Air Flow Control – Adjustable line guide that allows you to control the amount of air that is allowed to flow through the reel while your using it.
  • No instant Anti-Reverse – That means you will never have to worry about the spool going backwards during a cast.
  • Strong, Light and Durable.
  • Gear Ratio 5.2:1, Made in the USA.
  • All Van Staal VR spinning reels feature low maintenance, high-quality parts for the angler who demands a product that will be ready to roll when the conditions are less than ideal.

All of the Van Staal reels are made from durable aluminum and can handle years of abuse. The gear systems are high quality, and they will help you catch more fish with less effort.

There is a model to suit any budget, but we recommend the VR175 Bailed Spinning Reel for most anglers.

In this article, we’ve provided you with a brief insight into some of the best Van Staal fishing reels that are currently available on the market. We hope these reviews have been helpful.

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